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   51 minutes            $129.80


To enable you to be eligible for a Medicare rebate, your GP will complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan for you, and provide you with a Referral to Heather Wright.

If you obtain a Medicare Referral from your Doctor (GP), Psychiatrist or Paediatrician -

Medicare will pay $84.80 for up to 10 sessions.

Medicare will not pay the gap payment of

$45.00 per session - that is the client's responsibility to pay on the day of their appointment.

The Gap Payment is significantly lower for

Pensioners and Clients receiving Centrelink

Benefits - or those in genuine financial

hardship.  (You are welcome to discuss

Bulk Billing and Gap Payment with Heather,

before your first appointment).

TAC, WorkCover, Victims of Crime and other forms of funding

For clients who attend under the TAC, WorkCover, Victims of Crime program and other forms of organized funding - session fees are paid in full by the relevant agency once approval for funding has been obtained.  Normally, this involves no expense for the client.

Private Clients

Private client's who would prefer to not attend under the Medicare system, are most welcome.  However, they are fully responsible for the session fees.  If you have Private Health Insurance, enquire whether your level of cover provides assistance with paying for counselling sessions.

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